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  1. Reminds me of my elementary school classroom with our teacher up front with a big ruler. In this case I interpret “ruler” in two ways: a person exercising dominion, and a straight strip of wood. The size of the figure shows how powerful the teacher seemed to be. The large figure in the back of the classroom also seems powerful and a bit scary. Since it has wings, I interpret it as my combined same, fear, and respect of religion. The students seem attentive and definitely “listening”, with the exception of the two characters in the back of the room, who have found something else more interesting and sparking their curiosity. The yellow in the room makes it seem interesting and happy, but the two large, dark figures on each end make me feel scared and closed in, shameful and repressed. Even still, the education was interesting, even if not fully appreciated at the time.

    • Oooops, Kathryn, I just saw that yours was Listening and mine was Listening Carefully–two distinct paintings! I used my imagination okay!

  2. Isn’t it amazing, Kathryn, how we bring our own experiences to the paintings?! Here I am by a pond or little lake with trees and beings, and there you are in a room with a teacher and students. I think this is precisely why I prefer abstract art work to representational art work. Imagination is so delightful and revealing!

    Hope all is going well for you, as it is here even in winter…which actually is nothing to complain about this year. I attended the Women’s March in Augusta yesterday–some 20,000 people. The whole earth cares, and there is no question that caring trumps greed in the world of today. Bravo!!! Hugs,

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