3 thoughts on “Encounters

  1. Well, Martin, this is different. First of all it is an encounter between the mountains and me, then with a body of water and only after that, an encounter of two other beings. I am left with a question as to what is most important of those three. The last seems the least important or the least valuable and definitely what I saw last, but the question stays with me. Why? Perhaps it is the most important. The question is disquieting. Amazing what a simple painting can bring up!!!

  2. Nola, your willingness to let your imagination go deeply into the drama that these images stage for you is a generous affirmation of my intention in sharing them. Thank you for sharing your soul work’s questioning.

  3. Looks like a Scout leader and a troop of boy scouts. They had been hiking in the mountains and just came to a break in the trees, exposing a small pond. It is dusk and they are ready to make a camp site when the boys encounter a huge hoot owl nearby. They are filled with excitement, telling each other how cool it is to see such a big bird with two huge eyes! They are so excited about telling their friends when they get home that they saw a big old hooty-hoot owl on their hike, who was sitting in a tree very close by, and did not fly away! They could hear him say, “who-o-o, who-o-o”.

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