3 thoughts on “Enchantment

  1. Martin, I do love your titles. I’m always amazed by how appropriate they are and that they make me see at the painting in a new way.

  2. Well, yes, there is some enchantment going on here, but it is a spectacle…which adds to the feeling I get that it is heavy and likely short lived. The beings around seem to know that and appear to be making a bit of fun at the show. The color gives me the same impression, a bit of drab without life–just the way enchantment cannot live…
    except for that yellow. Now THERE is hope for something better, for light. Nothing with life is ever cast in stone.

  3. Looks like the “enchanted” ones are seeing no one else and nothing around them. They see only each other, and their happiness and love thrives regardless of outside concerns. Onlookers recall that they too once felt enchantment with another, and they know how precious a time it is for the couple. Just seeing their happiness gives them joy.

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