3 thoughts on “Angels

  1. We , or I, usually think of angels as beings of light, rather pure or transparent and
    never of brown, yellow or black skin. Odd! And usually with forms of perfection
    in a very european style. All quite silly, but it is how they are portrayed in western and some eastern paintings. They watch over people.

    These are beings of energy and contain both light and dark, but they do certainly have a sense of goodness and happiness. I like that they could be universal angels which is certainly what we need in these days of peril and confusion on the earth. And they don’t just have human characteristics, like every thing
    is ensouled and has its angel. Earth angels! How needed is that!!!!

  2. I just love angels. In this painting, I see three especially sweet looking transparent figures floating above the horizon. They are reaching out and tending to someone in need. Their faces are happy. Their entire purpose is to bring messages of kindness, comfort and love. Like Nola, I am glad that this painting depicts angels without gender or special clothing or skin color. They are just kind spirits and that is their essence. Kindness is a virtue that can turn anyone into an earth angel.

    • Kathryn, This is such a beautiful idea–the essence of a kind spirit that turns
      anyone into an earth angel. Just think of how many earth angels are around us!!!! That is a cheering thought. Thank you! So glad Martin was with you for Thanksgiving and that he had a good time. Blessings! With love.

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