2 thoughts on “Audience Reaction

  1. This is an audience that is not worthy of the performance. Outdoor theater in such a lovely spot might suggest a group with more sensitivity and intelligence
    but if so, they are hiding both. I would definitely not want to be the performer.
    SO, this one raises questions about theater, its dependence on audience to
    be of value. Seems like the question of communication is with you again.
    You are keeping in touch with yourself, Martin. Good going!

    • Theater doesn’t exist without an audience. It is a relationship, a community, a communication. Its value and purpose is to entertain, enchant, provoke, stir up a response in the audience. What you see is who you are. Actors and audience are both caught up in this communication. Theater is a play within a play. The real play is our lives as we look at images of theater throughout our days. Who is watching that?
      Thank you, Nola, for your “reaction”. You have the perfect stage for your own life in the space you have created.

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