3 thoughts on “Bringing Presents

  1. Interesting, Martin, that both Going Forward and Bringing Presents are strongly
    communal scenarios and very supportive. You have a very supportive
    community yourself and is this perhaps an expression of that. The figures
    all seem so laudatory and nurturing. Lovely!

    • Thank you Nola. Yes I have a wonderful community of supportive and loving friends in places near and far. They nurture me with their love and appreciation of who I am. I am grateful for their gifts, for their presents, and their presence in my life.

  2. Hi Martin. I just spent some time tonight going through all of your “TOTS” creations. Just want you to know how much I enjoy each one. It is like reading a story or watching a movie a second or third time and seeing something new each time. I can see now how my reflections are all about my own feelings and experiences. Amazing how this form of art brings that out more than any art I have experienced before. I feel very emotional tonight about some of the paintings. I think we may share some of the experiences that they bring out. I think that giving a name to each painting is a really important part of the creative process, and it sets my thoughts and reflections into a specific direction. Theatre of the Soul is a perfect name for this collection, which I think creates scenes coming from the mind, heart, and yes, the soul. This art form is an extreme combination of simplicity and complexity, capable of stimulating personal reflection into the soul.

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